Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laying down on the job (Today's run: 4.01 Miles - 30:58 - 7:43 Avg)

I have been running. But, I have recently been bringing no enthusiasm to the job. Today's run was a fairly vigorous 4.01 miles in 30:56 with an average pace of 7:43 mi/min. I have run 13 times since my last blog and averaged roughly this same pace over distances from 3 to 7 miles except for my abysmal 15K this weekend that I can only explain as a result of my first 90+ degree F day run of the summer.

I think I need a race. I also want to order the heart rate monitor that I did not get with my Garmin Forerunner 405. I feel like I need something to make me push my intensity. I have roughly 13 weeks until my next marathon, but the efforts I have been giving in my workouts are not indicative of the kinds of changes I want to make. I am gonna try to step it up. :)

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