Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Planning the next training season

I have enjoyed my post-marathon rest, but am getting restless and need to put together the next training plan. I am targeting another marathon in mid-May 2010. I am going to try the Hal Higdon 30-week Novice Supreme training plan again. Now I have to schedule the following:
  • 5-K race 6 weeks from now (December 6 - Columbia Metric Marathon and 5K)
  • 8-K race 9 weeks from now (December 26)
  • 10-K race 12 weeks from now (January 16)
  • 15-K race 18 weeks from now (February 27)
  • Half-Marathon 24 weeks from now (April 10)
  • Marathon 30 weeks from now (May 22)
And, no, I am not worried about running in the wake of the recent marathon deaths.

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