Friday, October 9, 2009

It's time...

It's time to run my goal race of the year - the Under Armor Baltimore Marathon 2009! Since my last marathon i've run 75 times, covered 501.6 miles, one 20-mile run, and averaged 8:36 min/miles over all my runs. Unlike the training for the Frederick Marathon, I did no weight lifting and don't remember doing much core training. I ran during my vacation, on my 10th wedding anniversary, on my birthday, and during an overseas business trip. I believe my dedication is really strong. Now I've got to go out there and show some guts an run as strong as I can. My weak goal is 3:50 and my strong goal is 3:40. I do not want to speak of my secret goal.

This training has been fun and I think that I could have only improved it with more speed work and hill training. I'd like to run with a running group in the future - hopefully one with fast people who will get me motivated. I plan on keeping this running thing up for a while. So, stay tuned, I will write a detailed race report for those who'll be interested.

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