Thursday, May 14, 2009

Changes are coming - a new entry in the Run-Net DNS table

I will be rearranging my blog soon. I started this blog to put some of my draft ideas in grad school on the web. It then became my running journal and has been best used as that. Now I am becoming energized to journal my thoughts on information technology.

I have recently been enamored by Tim Berners-Lee Linked Data project and the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. I think these efforts will be big, really big, but I am not sure that I should mix the posts in a single blog?

No. I just finished Steve Runner's latest podcast on the "Run-Net" community on Phedippidations and understand that I am a node to this community and I prefer to have a more consistent and understandable directory.

So, I will be doing some information architecture and most likely producing two blogs in the near future: one for my running journal and another for my Semantic Web/software interests. Please follow me if you are interested. It keeps me energized.


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