Saturday, July 13, 2013

MCM13 - w3d3 - 5m easy

Planned workout: 5 miles at Easy pace (between 9:23/mi and 9:03/mi). Goal accomplished 5 miles at 9:02/mi pace on the treadmill. 

My treadmill running inspiration was a Watch ESPN replay of the 2012 Women's Crossfit Games. Those women were getting their work in so how could I do less. I think that I want to add CrossFit to my bucket list of fitness goals, which currently include the Boston Marathon, Ironman Triathlon, and the JFK 50-mile run. 

This concludes my week of treadmill downtime. I did all of my workouts this week on the treadmill in order to recover from a dreadful 14 mile run attempt last Sunday where the heat nearly overcame me and I quit at the half marathon distance (it was 90+ degrees Fahrenheit and humid). 

Tomorrow I plan on being a bit counter productive by cycling with the Turtles and running about 3 miles when I am actually supposed to be running a slow 10 miles.

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