Monday, November 26, 2012

Fallin again

I wanted to get my 2013 running off to a good start, but I felt that I missed my first opportunity by not running this morning. I saw a golden opportunity by rushing home to grab my running gear in the same breath as picking my boys up to go to wrestling practice. I'll run a quick 5 miles while they are on the mat.

I set out and thought I was clever by bringing my bike headlight to see clearly. Nevertheless I hit the cement for the first time ever 1 mile in. Ouch! I sat on the sidewalk for a minute or two wondering what happened and worrying what I must look like as a tall black man running through an unfamiliar neighborhood bleeding from numerous places.
I got up and ran back towards the YMCA where my children were practicing. When I got back I decided I wasn't yet finished with my run. I'd only gotten a little more than 2 miles in. I put in another 2.5 miles and washed up while telling my embarrassing story to the other active parents who offerede band aids and new running partnerships by turns. Funny I am not embarrassed anymore.

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