Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So much fun…

I am having so much fun training. I went to watch a friend race a sprint triathlon this weekend and was newly excited about the prospect of this hobby. Without running as a common thread we may not have talked and connected, now I can call him a friend.

I am having a lot of fun putting in the miles and hard work. This morning I was to run 7 one mile repeats at 10K pace. Though I left two intervals on the table I worked hard for an hour and felt the effort. The run went like this:

  • Interval 1: 7:06
  • Interval 2: 7:22
  • Interval 3: 7:33
  • Interval 4: 7:37
  • Interval 5: 7:50

Distance: 7.26, Time: 01:03:49, Average pace: 8:47/mi

I am working hard on my hard days. I am not sure that I am going easy on my easy days. I like the work. I am split between the two training programs. I am going hard.I like it.

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