Thursday, January 13, 2011

It just keeps rolling

I feel really good. Like a machine actually. I did a 30 secs on 30 secs off run today. The goal was to do the on portion at 20 secs faster than my 5K pace. I did these at 6:00/mi pace. I am not all too sure I could run 6:20 miles through a 5K, but maybe. The off paces were slow - 12:00/mi pace, but it was a good workout. I ran hard and I have been completing all of my hard workouts recently. I did a tough 7 x 1600m interval workout at 10K pace (7:30/mi) on Tuesday. I definitely can average better than that in a 10K race, but again a great workout.

Though I don't feel injured there is some tightness in my hips. I need to stretch. How to find the time. I make time to run more than six hours a week, but since I work all day, coach basketball and support my family including a my children's activities I excuse myself when I can't find the time. I better not get injured.

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