Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 2 of 19 - Spring 2011 Marathon Campaign

Beginning to get the intensity up for another marathon campaign. The National Marathon in Washington, DC will be my next target marathon. I am going to base my training on the Running Planet website's Marathon Training Program for Advanced Competitive Runners.

It is now 17 weeks until the marathon and I've got to start this plan at week 3, although I actually just completed the week 4 workout sans the hill sprints that I would've done on Thanksgiving. This week included the following:
  • Monday - rest
  • Tuesday - 1 mile at an easy 10 min/mi pace, 6 miles at my goal marathon pace (8 min/mi, for now), followed by a cooldown of 1 mile. 8 miles in 1:07:58
  • Wednesday - 6 miles easy was planned, but since I was outside I ran a bit longer and faster than I probably should've. 6.74 miles in 54:25
  • Thursday - I took Thanksgiving day off
  • Friday - Another beautiful day outside for an easy 7 miles. 7.01 miles in 56:29
  • Saturday - Back on the treadmill for an easy run. 5 miles in 42:26
  • Sunday - Treadmill again for a 1 hour threshold pace run with a half mile warm up and cool down of a half mile each. 8.56 miles in 1:10:30
Week totals
  • 35.31 miles
  • 4:51:48 duration
  • 8:15 min/mi average pace

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